Medical dowsing is a healing method based on the use of the pendulum for attaining, maintaining, enhancing and protecting health. Everything vibrates, nothing stagnates.


In 1968, Maria was diagnosed with cancer. Ten years later she had undergone multiple procedures which only compounded the problems. She was in a desperate state, and there was no cure for what she described as a 'gross mis-diagnosis' of her ailment, both in Germany as well as in England. She was living with horrific pain and was contemplating ending it all. Maria was left with no choice but to try something entirely different while her health slowly deteriorated. The only option left, was to research into complementary medicine and treat herself. All types of conventional medicine had been tried without any success.

She then experimented with what is termed today as 'Medical Dowsing'. Slowly but surely, her health improved. Her friends could not believe that Maria's health had taken a favourable turn. Having seen how seriously ill she was, some of her friends who had even selected hymns for Maria's funeral were now asking for her help in dealing with their own physical ailments. Maria then realised that 'Energy Medical Dowsing' based on the use of the pendulum, had potential benefits not only for her, but also for others.